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Training that exceeds expectations

The expertise to deliver success

The success of your training programme hinges on the quality of the training material and at Wahoo Learning we have experience and expertise to help define, design, produce and deliver training that exceeds expectations.

Our e-learning publications team will take your raw training materials and run them through our specialised production tools. From here we can add/improve graphics, animation and pro-narration, to create your own branded training materials, optimised for delivery across multiple platforms.

Learning design

Expert and experienced e-learning instructional designers curate a course or training programme that meets your learning objectives and is tailored to your audience.

Our team designs engaging, interactive and effective e-learning that will enable your learners to succeed.

Whatever your source material, our instructional designers  have the experience and skills to pool your knowledge and resources and create great customised, tailored training.

Providing course productionCourse production

Similar to creating the latest Hollywood blockbuster, course production takes design, planning and experience. Our course production team has that experience and using enterprise level tools and a tested production methodology we are able to create rich SCORM or video based training, quickly and to very high standards.


While a picture may paint a thousands words, we believe an animation paints a thousand more.

Animations demonstrate ideas and concepts that can’t be expressed in a static image and can be produced at a fraction of the cost of a recorded video.

Our animations and production team team can bring any topic to life.

3D Interactions

Sometimes you just need to pick an object up and play with it in your hand to understand it, but how can you do this in an online course?

Our 3D interactive elements allow learners to do just that. We can model or photograph almost any object in 3D and insert these into a course so that learners can click, drag, rotate and interact with those objects as if they had them in their hand.

Make learning more fun with 3D interactive objects.

Immersive Learning

You may have equipment that is too expensive, or not readily available. Perhaps the environment is too hazardous for inexperienced students.

In these cases a virtual environment is the perfect solution. It allows for a safe, rich and interactive space where students can learn without limits.

Immersive learning, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, doesn’t have to be expensive and Wahoo Learning are at the forefront of developing cost-effective immersive learning solutions.

Flexible Pricing

Production pricing that is simple and clear

Our e-learning course production pricing is based on three tiers of customization and complexity. View examples of these tiers below:

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